Time to say goodbye…

It actually feels so weird saying it, but yesterday was my last day as a language assistant here in Besançon! I have officially finished!

After the best 7/8 months, it finally hit me this week how sad I am going to be to leave. This week has been full of goodbye hugs and it’s made me realise how lucky  I have been to be surrounded by so many amazing people here.

Saying goodbye to all of the students was sad and they were all so sweet and genuinely seemed like they are going to miss me (probably because I made scones for a lot of the classes). It also made me feel like a celeb as they were all asking for pictures and selfies with me. The boy I tutor even got me an easter egg and a bottle of locally made lemonade, so naturally I cried on the bus journey home. For my final class, they even brought some cake that they had made which was really nice and we had a nice chilled out last lesson together!

We also had to say goodbye to the teachers which was sad. I said goodbye to most of the teachers at the collège two weeks ago and they took me out for lunch and even got me a bottle of perfume! On wednesday, me and Alain were treated to a gorgeous lunch with the english teachers from the lycée. It was so nice to all eat together but also sad to be saying goodbye because I have been so lucky to work with all of the teachers there and feel so welcomed.


As a celebration for finishing, the assistants in Besançon went out for a drink last night. Although I will be staying here until May, last night we had to start saying goodbye to people because people are leaving and travelling. It feels really surreal at the moment because there is such a nice group of us now and we’re all like one big family. I feel like especially in this last term we have spent so much time together and become so close and it’s really weird that in a months time we will all be back home in different parts of the world (depressing af). Last weekend we even had a cute picnic in our back garden as our last sunday altogether!


Anyways, before it all gets too much, me and Libby are going on the second instalment of our AdFrenture tomorrow. We are running down south to the sun and cocktails to continue pretending to be classy anglaises x

Bonne vacances x Happy Easter x

Emily x


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