Here comes the sun…

Wow it’s been so long since I last wrote a blog. To quickly catch up i’ll make  a list.

  • Skiing – Me and Kenamy went to Métabief for a day trip! Neither of us had any experience skiing for it was a fun day. I actually nearly died because I couldn’t stop down the beginners slope. Fun.
  • Germany – I was invited by the Lycée to go to Germany for the day with one of my classes. They’re 17-18 year olds and they study for a Pro Bac in architecture. We went to the Vitra Museum and it was a really interesting day. After a tour and a big free meal for lunch, we had time to look around the Vitra Design House, which is basically a really posh IKEA. I was in dream land.
  • Barcelona – At the beginning of Feb we went for a cheeky little weekend trip to Barcelona for Sarah’s 21st! It was short but sweet and we managed to fit in lots of tapas and Spanish culture. And it was just really nice to catch up with my uob friends.
  • Geneva, Annecy, Grenoble – It was the February holidays and we had two weeks off. Me and Libby decided to meet whilst our holidays overlapped. We started in Switzerland and stayed for just one night because it can get expensive in Switzerland. We had the best time sightseeing and sampling a lot of the French wines. If i had to choose a favourite I would say Annecy. The lake was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, with the snow-topped mountains in the background. And also we stayed with a lovely French family in the Air bnb there.
  • I went home! – Not as exciting but it was definitely nice to get home for a bit during the holidays whilst I had no other plans. I got to see my friends and family and of course my dogs! It went really fast but i’m glad I made the last minute decision to go back.
Lake Annecy ft moi

So that was all the stuff I could have written a blog about. Anyway, i’m still really enjoying my time here. I went back to the schools last week for the last 6 weeks of my contract 😦 Some of my classes stayed the same, some changed, but all the kids are great so i’ve been really lucky once again!

Just before the holidays, on Wednesday afternoon’s I started tutoring a student who’s dad works at my lycée. He’s only 12 so he’s relatively new to learning english, but I have so much fun working with him. They live in a cute little apartment in town and it’s really nice to experience a French family. His parents are lovely and they always feed me lots of little french snacks! It’s also been a great way for me to try and improve my French as they don’t speak any English.

Now i’m just trying to make the most of my last few weeks here. The weather has been  gorgeous and sunny which is what inspired me to write this blog! I went out for lunch today to a cool noodle bar and we sat by the river in the sun, and now i’m sat in our little garden lesson planning and writing this. Makes me realise how much I will miss this cute lil city I call home.

Byyeeeeeee, bise





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