Things I miss about home.

I thought i’d do a different blog post this week as i’ve been here for almost two months now and it’s less than four weeks until i’ll be home for Christmas!

Some of the things on this list of things will be pretty obvious. Starting with…

1. Friends and family. Of course I miss everyone from home and uni. Last weekend Neetu and Hilary came to visit me for the weekend and that was so lovely. It was so nice to see them and spend some quality time together that i’ve missed so much. However, it also felt very weird having them here in Besançon! They are the first visitors i’ve had so it was 15027593_10154054425963807_4527702942824142519_nbizarre seeing familiar faces here. But we did have the best weekend! Next weekend my parents are coming too, so that’s something else i’m really excited for! But yeah, even though I do miss everyone, I still speak to everyone all the time, so don’t worry i’m not sat here alone in my room crying or anything!


2. Nancy and Elvis. They deserve their own spot on the list because that’s how much I miss them. It’s weird because i’m used to not being with them when i’m at uni, but I think the hardest thing is not being able to tell them when i’m coming home and that I will be back eventually. My little Elvis cries every time my mum FaceTimes but I don’t really think Nancy cares that much!

3. Uni. I actually do miss uni. I think I miss the people and the lifestyle more than the actual work, but I do miss the work a bit. I have so much free time here in Besançon so it feels weird to not be stressing about how much work I have to do.

4. Milk. I’ve been doing ok for tea because my mum has sent me some good old PG Tips. BUT, I always forget when i’m out that if I order a cup of tea, I have to ask for the milk! OR worse, they sometimes don’t have any milk.

5. My car. I really miss my emo bam </3. Mostly because the bus drivers here are crazy and I swear they drive so much faster. My bus even crashed into the back of another bus the other day in rush hour traffic! That was fun.

6. GARLIC BREAD. Update: 8 weeks without garlic bread. Tbh I don’t even have any words. I never imagined I could feel so empty. I can’t find it anywhere! We even went to an Italian restaurant in Lyon and there was no gb of any sort on the menu???

7. Dominos garlic dip. Ordered dominos the other week and no garlic dip on the menu. Wtf France?

8. Tesco. I don’t miss working there don’t worry. I just miss doing my food shop there. Don’t get me wrong, going into a French supermarket to do a big food shop can be a magical experience. So much bread, cheese, wine. However, I miss seeing familiar brands and foods I would buy at home. Now it’s Lays instead of Walkers. A hunt to find some simple cheddar cheese.

9. Snobs and Fab. Obviously.


10. English money. I still can’t get used to all the coins. They all just look the same and it stresses me out when I have to pay for something. Therefore, I panic in the queue and mostly always pay with notes which just means I get more bloody coins!

So there. I think a brief sample of the many things I miss. Living in another country, you notice new and different things everyday. Even just a road sign that is in French, it always makes you think of home.


Emily x


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